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Undergoing an audit of any type can seem intrusive and stressful. At Darnells we approach any audit or assurance commission with understanding, respect and efficiency. Undertaking our duties to acquire a clear, comprehensive and honest appraisal of the organisation and its financial situation and presenting that information in an easy to understand report.

We always strive to create minimal interruption or negative impact and our goal is to ensure you remain fully compliant in line with all the latest financial reporting standards.

We offer our extensive audit services to companies and charities across the UK, helping organisations of all sizes stand up to ever-increasing scrutiny in this evolving, fast-paced and  digital landscape.

For larger companies with investors we can compile more complex and detailed reports and assist you in communicating financial information, annual dividend figures, yearly projections and targets to all stakeholders.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure any audit or assurance process is thorough, straightforward and free of issues. We want you to be able to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that our expert team is taking care of all your compliance obligations.

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Our Services Include:

  • Statutory Audits of Financial Accounts

    An auditor’s role is to examine financial statements issued by an organisation and assess whether they are ‘true and fair’. They also ensure that the reports, statements and the company themselves meet all relevant financial guidelines and legal requirements.

    This process allows companies and charities to refine their internal procedures and plan for the future whilst guarding against risk.

    We undertake all aspects of auditing and assurance and will support you throughout the process and beyond.

  • Assurance Review of Financial Accounts

    Like an audit, the purpose of an assurance review is to examine financial data, but unlike an audit it will not result in the compilation of opinions on that data.

    Its purpose is to provide an extra degree of confidence and it will be noted in the financial statements that an assurance review has been undertaken.

    At Darnells we can advise and guide you through an assurance review, making the process as straightforward as possible.

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority Audits

    With decades of experience, we can ensure that SRA audits are carried out with minimal disruption to your business and your team.

    We can also arrange for your accounts to be prepared at the same time to avoid further visits, delays and distractions.

  • Charity Audits

    Whether you require an independent examination or a full audit, we will ensure that all reporting and compliance requirements are met in a cost-effective way to suit your needs and your organisation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business auditing?

In an audit, your organisations records are examined to make sure that your financial statements accurately reflect the financial situation and performance of your business. Depending on the type and size of your organisation, there are varying standards for what constitutes a need for an audit.

What is the purpose of auditing?

There are several reasons why your business may require an audit. Whether its to meet your compliance requirements, provide assurance to investors, or review your processes and controls, most larger companies require an audit by law.

What is audit process?

An audit of a company follows a standard process that is set internationally. It checks on a sample basis the accuracy of the financial statements of the company.

Do all company’s need to be audited?

No, certain businesses can claim exemption – If you qualify as a small business, you’ll normally be exempt from auditing unless you’re a member of a group. However, some companies require an audit by law regardless of their size or income.

How does auditing help companies?

Auditing serves as an independent check on the company’s finances, and auditors can report on any areas where they believe improvements could be made.

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