HMRC updates online error reporting form

Published: 21st September 2022

The new online digital form for correcting VAT return errors went live in August 2022. It is now HMRC’s preferred option, and it is encouraging all businesses to use it instead of the paper Form VAT652. Among HMRC’s reasons for championing the digital form is an expected reduction in the need for officers to be spending time on corrections. However, there are also advantages for you. The form validates VAT numbers in real time, and flags potentially out of time corrections. This should cut down on simple errors. Additionally, some new functions have recently been added. It is now possible to upload supporting documents, e.g. invoices, to the form. There will also be prompts to check if a correction or payment has already been made to avoid duplication. It is also now possible to save a partly completed form and return to it at a later date. All of these additions should help to streamline your administration, saving you time. Further improvements are expected.

HMRC has promised to publish a detailed webinar looking at how to use the form in the coming weeks.

a clipboard with some forms on it