P11D filing deadline looming

Published: 4th July 2024

Where taxable expenses and benefits were provided to an employee in the 2023/24 tax year, these will need to be reported to HMRC if:

  • the benefit or expense was provided to an employee or a member of their family or household by virtue of the employee’s employment
  • the benefit was not exempt from tax
  • the benefit was not payrolled
  • the benefit was not included in a PAYE settlement agreement.

However, for 2023/24 it’s mandatory to file the forms electronically. If you’re completing the forms yourself, you need to do this via PAYE Online Services for Employers or using compatible software. If your accountant is filing on your behalf, they will be able to use their details to do so. We recommend double checking that forms have not been filed by post or there is a risk the deadline could be missed. The forms will be rejected, but you may not be notified until it’s too late.

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