Tax deposit certificates need to be used this year

Published: 19th January 2023

A CTD could previously be purchased as a way to lodge money with HMRC in advance of an actual tax liability and, until 2017, was open to individuals and companies. A CTD was useful where an enquiry was ongoing as a means to save interest on an eventual assessment. The scheme closed from November 2017, but CTDs purchased prior to that can still be used. However, this will cease on 23 November 2023. HMRC is writing to all parties that it believes have unutilised CTDs to remind them that they will not be able to use them after the cut-off date, but where the correct correspondence address is not held by HMRC, CTD holders may miss the reminder letter.

If you hold a CTD but do not receive a letter, you should write to HMRC at the following address:

CTD Team, Floor 6, 1 Atlantic Square, 21 York Street, Glasgow, G2 8JQ

If you cannot utilise your CTD, you should follow HMRC’s guidance to withdraw it promptly. If you have lost a certificate, you will need to contact HMRC urgently at the address above to resolve this.

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