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Raising Finance for your Business

There are times in the life of a business when additional finance is needed. Occasions include the start-up phase, during rapid growth periods, acquisitions, restructuring, buy-outs, or for substantial capital investment.

There are usually several options open to you. Getting expert professional advice will make sure that you make the right choice taking all relevant factors into consideration: long term plans for yourself, your family and your business; your financial track record; your attitude to risk and shared ownership; the strategic vision for your business.


The bank was traditionally the first port of call, particularly for privately owned businesses. Some banks have become more risk averse since the Credit Crunch and businesses often report that interest rates on business finance are unrealistically high. On the positive side bank finance doesn’t affect the ownership of your business.
We take you through a structured process to decide if a bank loan or overdraft is the right option. We know the going rate for commercial loans and we’ll also help negotiate the best terms with your bank.


Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular. Providers such as Crowdcube and Kickstarter have grown substantially over the last few years. It’s a viable option for some businesses but not all. Some business ideas are less attractive to the crowdfunding community so you could spend a lot of money putting together a pitch that has little chance of success.

You should also make sure you have intellectual property protection in place before you pitch your idea on the internet. With crowdfunding you also won’t have the potential to access the expertise and contacts book of a private investor.

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Simon Wood FCCA


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