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Accountancy, Business and Tax Advice for Professional Partnerships

Darnells provides accountancy services and advice to professional partnerships in a variety of sectors including healthcare practices, architects, estate agents, surveyors and engineering.

The highly personalised service we provide matches the unique characteristics of individual partnerships. In addition to accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll we help professional partnerships with the following:

Partnership Structures

The first decision is often whether to form a simple partnership or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), each has pros and cons. We will help you through the decision making process and advise you on the appropriate content required in your partnership agreement to support you in running your business and protect everyone’s interests. Effective forward planning is paramount and so is a robust partnership agreement.

Your partnership agreement has to specify how liabilities, ownership and profits will be split. And, no matter how well you know your business partners, it’s wise to plan for every eventuality.  For many partnerships there can also be the issue of property ownership. You also have to be clear about what happens when a partner wants to leave or if additional partners join.

Management Accounts

Effective management accounts help you to plan your business development and manage your risks. Our accounts and reports are extremely easy to understand and we will highlight any trends or results that need attention. We aim to ensure that events never take you by surprise and that you always have the working capital you need.

Business Finance and Planning

We act as your trusted friend, challenging and helping to validate the assumptions and costs in your business plan. We can also help improve your plan presentation to make it more persuasive if you need additional finance. Finally we will advise you on your most appropriate finance option and help you apply for relevant grants and allowances.


For many partnerships, business and personal taxation and tax planning are closely linked. We don’t believe that any accountancy firm works harder than us to understand all of your financial circumstances and plans, to give to the best advice and minimise your tax liability. We also take care of the routine tasks such as tax returns, filings and HMRC correspondence, so that you can focus on making your business more successful.




Meet the Team

Lisa Dickinson ACA FCCA

Lisa Dickinson ACA FCCA


Mark Smith ACCA

Mark Smith ACCA

Exeter Branch Manager

Marie Croston FCCA

Marie Croston FCCA

Senior Manager

Each department focuses on providing specialised and personalised service and our team is here to help you.

Whatever your circumstances and ambitions, we have the expertise you need.

We are approachable, flexible and 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.