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Accounting for Leisure, Tourism, Catering and Hospitality

We have a deep rooted understanding of the leisure and tourism sector, which has enormous significance to the local economy.

Our clients include hotels, pubs, caravan parks, holiday camps, restaurants and cafes.

Our determination to ensure our clients enjoy sustained business success means giving them the right advice at every stage:


Will the business realistically generate the profit and income you need?

Is your business plan robust and how much risk is involved?

Do you have the most appropriate and best value funding in place for the purchase?

Is the acquisition correctly structured for tax purposes?

We will stress test your business plan using a sophisticated risk model and we’ll even help you negotiate the finance with your bank or finance provider. You also get detailed interpretation of  company accounts for the business so you have a cost and profitability projection you can trust, based on your individual circumstances .


Darnells clients receive clearly presented quarterly management accounts. We help you interpret these, so you keep your finger on the pulse of your business and can plan the future with confidence. We also help you benchmark the gross profit you are achieving on each activity..

Our skills, industry knowledge and forecasting software will help you understand the financial implications of seasonal trade.

We will also help you evaluate planned investments in refurbishments or new facilities such as swimming pools and bars. Are they worth doing and how long will it take to get a return?

Our breadth of experience frequently identifies additional revenue opportunities (such as merchandising) that you might not have thought of yet.


When it’s time to retire or sell, up we’ll advise you on how to make your leisure or tourism business as attractive as possible to a potential buyer and will help to minimise your tax bill on exit.

Meet the Team

Catherine Denning FCCA

Catherine Denning FCCA

Senior Manager

Helen Lavallee

Helen Lavallee


Each department focuses on providing specialised and personalised service and our team is here to help you.