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Forensic Accountancy

There are times when an expert and experienced eye is needed to examine company accounts and financial data. Often, this is before a business acquisition, where the acquiring business wants to be confident that the accounts present a realistic picture of the financial return they can expect.

There are many other instances where Darnells financial experts have provided forensic accountancy services. These include the following:

Insurance Claims

Insurers need to evaluate whether the revenue and profit losses claimed after a fire are reasonable. They also want to know whether the pattern of revenue and costs prior to the fire looks unusual or suspicious.


Calculating a reasonable loss of earnings for self-employed professionals and craftspeople who cannot continue working or need to do lower paid work following an  car accident.

Counteraction of fine avoidance

Complex company structures and trading can sometimes be used to hide profits and avoid compensation payments following an accident. We have expertise in tracking intercompany transactions, focusing particularly on those that occur after the date of a claim or prosecution.


Darnells has an excellent track record of identifying fraudulent behaviour. We also help our clients implement effective control systems to prevent fraud occurring in the first place.


We provide independent valuations of income and wealth for divorce cases. These encompass pensions, assets and multiple or complex income streams.

Expert Witness and Legal Support

Darnells specialists frequently provide expert witness testimony and financial analysis support for legal teams and barristers. We are accustomed to the legal process and are able to present evidence calmly and accurately under cross-examination.

Meet our Forensic Expert

Phil Raisey

Phil Raisey

Managing Partner

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