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Providing Specialised Accounting Support to the Food Supply and Distribution Industry

Darnells supports businesses across the food and beverage sector including producers, wholesalers and distributors.

Our clients include farms, fishing boats, food processing businesses, bakeries and distributors to the hospitality industry.

Our detailed working knowledge of the entire supply and distribution chain, and a determination to help your business succeed means your business benefits from much more than simple bookkeeping, accountancy and compliance services.

Every business in the food sector has unique needs and the service we deliver is highly customised. The common factor is the tenacity with which we help you pursue your goals and minimise your risks.

Specialist support for food supply and distribution:

Performance Benchmarking

Do you know how your data compares with similar businesses for profitability, wastage, utilisation and inventory?

Darnells can tell you. We help you ensure that fixed and variable costs are under control and in line with sector norms.

Labour Costs

Darnells will help you understand what your gross profit and labour costs should be. We also help you model and plan for the impact of legislation such as changes to the Living Wage, auto-enrolment and planned pension laws.

Compliance and Accreditation

Food hygiene laws evolve and requirements such as BRC accreditation place demands on your business.

We help you model the financial impact and minimise the risks.

Revenue and Cost Saving Opportunities

We know the food sector and we know individual businesses within it. We frequently identify opportunities to make or save money through collaboration, upselling and cross-selling.

Acquisition and Disposal

If you want to sell your food business we’ll help you get the very best terms. If you want to acquire a business we make sure you don’t pay more than it’s really worth.

If you’re unsure whether your business is performing as well as it could or you don’t have the facts you need to make the right decisions, contact the Darnells team. We’ll be happy to carry out a free review of your financial health.

We understand the food sector and we work harder to help you succeed.

Meet the Team

Phil Raisey

Phil Raisey

Managing Partner

Catherine Denning FCCA

Catherine Denning FCCA

Senior Manager

Each department focuses on providing specialised and personalised service and our team is here to help you.