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Advice and Guidance for Charities and Non-profit organisations

Charities and not for profit organisations face many of the pressures faced by commercial organisations, with a few extra complications as well. The specialist team at Darnells works in partnership with many charities, social enterprises, housing associations and not for profit companies.

Our support goes beyond compliance, annual returns management accounts and audits. We help you implement organisational and financial best practice to secure your long term stability and future financial health.

Here are some of the ways we help charities become more efficient and sustainable.

Audit Committee and Processes

Audit committees play a vital role in ensuring that your organisation meets its remit while being well managed, efficient and compliant.  We will advise you on the appropriate structure, responsibilities and performance review processes so that the audit committee performs its essential role in safeguarding your reputation and effectiveness.

Trustee and Board Member Responsibilities

Trustees and board members may be voluntary or receiving token remuneration. Yet their responsibilities and liabilities are significant. We frequently train trustees and boards to fully understand their roles and responsibilities so they can make a more positive and confident contribution.

Risk Management

As with any organisation, understanding and mitigating risk is essential. Specific areas where we help in the charity and not for profit sector are with fraud prevention, managing financial reserves, assurance, donations handling and recording (including postal donations), detection and handling of tainted donations, and financial control procedures.

Financial Wellbeing

We help you improve operating efficiency and reduce overheads. You can then achieve the maximum impact and outcomes for the funding and donations you receive. We also help you manage your cash flow and provide specialist help with purchasing policies and controls, internet banking controls and procedures, organisational restructuring and processes for setting executive salaries.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll is often a cost-effective option. Alternatively, we will train your team to use the latest software and carry out these functions in an efficient and fully compliant way. We also help charities to plan for the administrative and financial impact of auto enrolment.


Meet the Team

Paul Beard ACA FCCA

Paul Beard ACA FCCA

Managing Partner

Simon Wood FCCA

Simon Wood FCCA


Tim Synge BA FCA

Tim Synge BA FCA

Corporate Manager

Each department focuses on providing specialised and personalised service and our team is here to help you.